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Judy Fairbairns

mixed media oils/acrylics/tea/boot polish


"I work spontaneously and from the landscape inside my mind.  All senses come to bear, met mood, the weather, the place I am in my life, the accompanying feelings and thoughts.  I am deeply influenced by my connection to the spiritual world and ever open to messages, even at a basic level.  I can wonder, whilst working on a piece, what I should do next.  I stop, ask for help and wait.  A response will come, it always does.  I have exhibited all across the UK and beyond, enjoyed working on two big commissions, one for a piano bar in Inverness and the other for an architect company in Edinburgh.  I work with abstracts, concepts and my interpretation of an experience whether in nature, alone, or in a busy city crowd.  Mixing media is my joy.  There is nothing I won't experiment with on canvas.  Crushed cornflakes, washing up liquid, tea, white wine, anything.  It either works or it doesn't.  I just love to experiment." (Judy Fairbains)

If you are interested in buying work, please contact exhibitions@comar.co.uk